Just Like That

I’ve always loved garden, plants and flowers. Had a huge one when we were kids… grandpa used to take us, me and my brother to nurseries to buy seeds, fertiliser.  Saturday’s were for gardening.

Wanted my kids to experience the same. Even though, we have no garden, not even a terrace… but this didn’t stop me from making my own garden.

We started by buying pots and soil. Spread plenty of paper on the floor and started off with selecting what I’d like to pot. I opened my garnishing box and picked up a few coriander seeds, split it into 2 by crushing it with my fingers. Next took few methi (fenugreek) seeds. Split green chillies and removed the seeds and kept them to dry in the sun, did the same with tomatoes. Took a handful peas and slightly wet them and wrapped in a towel for it to sprout. Took the red chilli seeds that got collected in the end of the container. I have also cleaned 2 pods of garlic.

I am also keeping the peels of vegetables and fruits. The sedements of tea. And use it for my plants.

How to plant- start by placing the pots in a line. And fill each pot to half and spread the seeds and again fill with some soil, sprinkle some water. I made my kids do this.

Methi or fenugreek seeds start sprouting in a day. I noticed sprouting in 24 hours.

I am so excited to see so many plants across my house. I’ve finally potted everything. Waiting for curry leaves.

Now I have, green chilli, red chilli, coriander, garlic, peas, methi, tomatoes.

I will add pics and keep updating this post for those who are interested in kitchen garden.


My days are too busy if I want to think of it that way, no one would disagree too!! I have a 5.5 year old son and 23 month old daughter.

If I want to think how much work I have or how much running around I have to do… It will be even more tiring than it is actually. Rather I think of it as a fun thing to do.

Who in this world is so lucky to find somethings to do right out of your comfort zone, your home?? I can do what I like the most and still do all my duties as a mom and wife and look after my kids well.

For all the energy and to keep away tension and irritation, I follow a simple practise… I wake up one hour early than I am supposed to, enjoy my morning coffee. Take things slowly. Rushing in the morning makes me annoyed. I also plan some extra time, as my daughter is small and needs my attention.

As soon as my son leaves for school, I do yoga for thirty minutes. Plan what to cook, cut vegetables for lunch and start my work when my daughter is still asleep. Most of the days I am done with cooking when she is sleeping.

There are days when she doesnt sleep too!! Those days I play with her and be with her and when she is settled then i start my work. You don’t have to leave your work when kids are up, you just have to keep them busy and always keep an eye on them. With 2 kids, I guess I have mastered this art!!

I take orders for sweets and also supply tiffins to few people. There are busier days and then there are not so busy days. But whatever the day brings, I always plan it out. During the Diwali festival, there were sleepless days and nights. The days were filled with batches of chaklis, murukku and karanjis. I must thank my kids who understood my work and let me do it well. They inspire me to do well. Not even a single day did I order food or neglect any duties inspite of busy schedule.

Planning ahead and having a relaxed start to the day makes me happy and cheerful.

Yes, its very much true. For the past two months i’ve busy managing my own tiffin service. I supply lunch and dinner.

At first it was a little odd for me and for my family to accept it. But now I feel good, when people appreciate the variety I offer, the quality of home made food…. I love what I am doing.

When I came with the idea of starting the tiffin service I got many feedbacks, some good and some not so encouraging.. But my parents felt its a good deed to supply food. My sister felt, I was doing a noble job. That was all I needed to hear… Soon i started supplying tiffins.

People often ask, how I manage cooking for so many people and take care of my two kids (4.5 and 1.4 years old) and also do all the other works at home without any help…. I say…. I am able to manage…my mom has trained me well and given me the will to go on.

Many people ask me why this work… I simply say, I love to cook… What better can I do… I can look after my kids, play with them as well as work… I am my own boss.

My son Siddhanth, who is 4 years old, loves to play with his sister Kaavya, just 6 months now. He is always eager to do anything for her. Today, I just asked him, if he would take Kaavya on his back for a ride. He readily agreed and took her on his back and to my surprise he took one full round of our living room. Its just too cute to watch.