Potato is one of the favourite sabzis in my kitchen. My younger daughter loves it. .. daily she would come and ask me aloo.. aloo… she is 2 years old…. and has started joining words and making sentences.. she tells me… kaavya loves aloo…. and she wont settle for anything thats plain and bland. . She wants spicy aloo fry everytime…. here is how I make kaavya’s fav aloo…..

Serves 4


1. Potatoes 6 large

2. Green chillies 2 washed and slit

3. Few curry leaves washed

4. Turmeric powder 1tsp

5. Red chilli powder 2 tsps

6. Salt to taste

7. Oil 2 tbsp + 1 for tempering. ..

8. Jeera 2 tsp

9. Asafoetida 3/4 tsp

10. Garlic chopped 1 to 2 tsps

11. Lemon juice 1/2 to 1 tsp


1. Wash, peel and cut the potatoes into medium cubes and keep them in a pot of water.

2. Take a pan add oil and cumin seeds. Once they crackle, add asafoetida and curry leaves. Sauté for 30 seconds and add slit green chillies and sauté for 30 seconds more.

3. Now add the potatoes, salt, turmeric powder, chillie powder. Toss it well and cook it covererd till done.

4. Once, the potatoes are cooked, remove the cover and let it roast in low heat…. roast till you get crispy potatoes.

5. Heat a tempering pan and add 1tsp oil and saut the garlic till it turns brown. . Transfer the sabzi in a serving bowl and mix the lemon juice. Now garnish the potato fry with the sauted garlic.

6. Garnish with fresh coriander leaves.  Serve hot with rice. Or can be had as a chat pata snack as well.








Lauki dal

1. One Lauki medium, peeled and cut into cubes.
2. 1 onion roughly sliced
3. 2 green chillies slit
4. 3 garlic cloves chopped
5. Moong dal/toor dal 1 cup (soaked
for 30 mins)
6. Ginger 1 inch piece, peeled and roughly chopped.
7. Salt to taste
8. Turmeric powder 1 tsp
9. Water 3 to 4 cups
10. Red chilli powder 1 tsp
11. 1 medium tomato chopped

For garnish
1. 1 tbsp ghee
2. 2 tsp jeera (cumin seeds)
3. 4_5 Curry leaves and 2 tsp chopped coriander leaves.

1. Wash the dal and keep aside. You
may choose the dal of your choice.

2. Take a pressure cooker, add the dal, chopped lauki, sliced onions, slit chillies, garlic, chopped ginger, turmeric powder, salt and 3 cups Water.

3. Cook till 5 whistles and then simmer the gas and cook for 5 more minutes. Turn off the gas.

4. Open the cooker and cook on low flame. Check salt and add more if required. Add the red chilli powder.

5. Take another pan, add ghee. Add
jeera and let it crackle. Now add 1 tsp chopped garlic and a pinch of salt and let it saute till it turns brown. Add the choppee tomatoes and saute till it is cooked.

6. Take the dal in a serving bowl and garnish it with the jeera and tomatoes. Add curry leaves and coriander leaves.

7. Lemon juice can be added if required.

Enjoy with hot steamed rice!! This dal was so yummy.. my kids loved it. And is a meal in itself. I also make palak dal in the same way.


Lauki dal


1 medium cabbage

2 green chillies slit

Curry leaves 7 to 8

Grated coconut 3 tbsp or more

If you like you may add 1 tsp chopped garlic. Its optional

1/4 tsp turmeric powder
Salt to taste

For tempering

2 tsp oil
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp urid dal
1/2 tsp asafoetida

Chopped coriander leaves for garnishing


1. Chop and wash the cabbage as per your preference.

2. Take a pan, add oil. Once the oil is hot, add the mustard seeds. Once it crackles, add the urid dal and asafoetida. After 30 seconds add the slit green chillie, curry leaves and garlic (if adding). Saute for 30 seconds.

3. Now add the chopped cabbage, salt, turmeric powder. Mix well and cook covered untill done.

4. Garnish with grated coconut and coriander leaves.

This is the recipe of rasam to be made with the rasam powder made of jeera, pepper and coriander (recipe in the given link)… This rasam is a good medicine for cold, cough and fever.


1. Tomato –  2 medium, cut into small pieces

2. Coriander leaves – one bunch cleaned and chopped along with stems

3. Curry leaves – one stick

4. Tamarind – one small lemon sized ball, soaked in warm water.

5. Rasam powder – 3 tsp ( can be adjusted according to the level of spice required.)

6. Turmeric powder. – 1/2 tsp

7. Garlic – 2 pods (optional)

8. Ghee – 1 tsp for tempering

9. Jeera – 2 tsp for tempering

10. Asafoetida – 1/2 tsp, not to be added with the tempering


1. Soak the tamarind in warm water for around 30 mins. Squeeze out the tamarind juice and keep in another pot. repeat till you get all the juice from the tamarind.

soak tamarind in water

2. Take a pot, add the tamarind juice, tomatoes, turmeric powder, salt, curry leaves and the chopped coriander leaves. Let the tomatoes cook.

3. Add the rasam powder.

4. Let it boil for 7 to 10 mins on low flame.

5. You can add 2-3 cups of water to get the required rasam consistency. Rasam is supposed to be very watery. It should not be thick like sambar. Let it boil and after 5 mins, turn off the gas.

6. Take a tempering pan and add ghee and jeera, once it crackles add it to the rasam and add asafoetida directly to the pot.

7. Garnish with some coriander leaves.


You can add garlic in the ghee after the jeera crackles. Garlic is optional, as the rasam has good flavours and I personally felt, it is better without garlic.

You can also add toor dal if you like.

If you forget to soak the tamarind, you may directly add it to the pot of water along with other ingredients.

Add the coriander leaves along with its stems. You can add half to three fourth bunch, depending upon the size of bunch. Here we get small bundles.

This curry takes me to my childhood days. Amma would make it with madras ulli sambar….heavenly combination.


Potato                          5 (big)
Grated Coconut           1 cup
Green chillies               5 or 6
Cumin seeds                1 tea spoon
Curry leaves a few
Oil                                  2 teaspoons
Mustard seeds             1 teaspoon
Urid dal (mash dal)      1 teaspoon
Salt to taste


Pressure cook the potatoes. Turn off the cooker after 5 to 6 whistles.

Once the cooker is ready to be opened, take the potatoes out and cool them.

Peel the skin of the potatoes, mash them well.and set aside.

Take a pan, add oil and mustard seeds. Once it crackles add urid dal and after one second add curry leaves and mashed potatoes.

Add salt to the potatoes and mix and let it
cook on a low flame for 5 mins.

Take a mixer pot, add grated coconut, cumin seeds and green chillies. Grind without adding any water.

Add the ground coconut mixture to the potatoes. Mix well and check salt.

Can be garnished with coriander leaves. This curry tastes great with rice and sambar.