About Me


Me.. who am I? For the start I am Kavitha Balajee. If a few years ago anyone would have asked me the same question, I would have said I’m Kavitha. I love to cook, draw n paint, not that I’m very good at it. But, I like to spend my time creating something.. like making picture calenders, albums.

I also love to cook, mainly sweets. I make lot of sweets. I like to do things that are creative. When I was expecting my daughter, I wanted to make small dresses for her and I got myself an USHA Janome and made a number of tops and wraps. I had also made a sweater for her. My problem is that, I want to do so much and I start off too, but get bored easily. Hope someday I’ll complete all my pending projects too.

I love to read. But, here again I’m very selective. I don’t like too much of serious stuff or murder mysteries. My all time favorite books are, The Notebook and The Wedding. I’m crazy about Harry Potter too.

I have my own views and am stubborn at times. I hate being late or delaying something. Sometimes I’m too difficult to handle as well.

Now, this I doesn’t exist in the same way. When I got married, it became we and when I became a mother, I became us. A mother can’t think about herself, she has to think about the kids first, her husband, her family and lastly about herself.

I sometimes wonder, what would I be without this small tiny world of mine… totally empty. I love the daily activities in my house, sending my 4 year old son to school, caring for my 10 month old daughter, sending my husband to office, cooking, cleaning and everything that is to be done in the house. I’m a homemaker and I’m very happy with this tittle. I love meeting all the needs of my family. Its important to be happy in what we do, only then can we keep others happy, I’m happy. This is me…..


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