Being a South Indian,  Dosas and Idlis are like a daily food. We make them almost every other day. One of my friends here was feeling homesick and wanted to eat Idlis like her mom made them.  She said her mom made idlis using urad dal and idli rice. So I decided to make a few for her to cheer her up. Here is my version of the idli/dosa batter.



  1. Idli rice                                                     – 3 cups
  2. Urad dal                                                    – 1 and 1/4th cup
  3. Oats                                                             – 1 cup
  4. water for soaking
  5. salt to taste

How to proceed


  • Soak the urad dal for 2 to 4 hrs. 2 hours is also sufficient.
  • Soak the idli rice for an hour.
  • Wash the urad dal after its soaked for the given time and set aside.
  • After they are soaked for the given time, take the grinding jar of your mixer and and grind half of the urad dal with little water. Don’t add too much water, as it will change the consistency of the batter. Just add sufficient water for grinding.
  • Take the ground urad dal out into a big vessel. The urad dal is ground well, if is smooth in texture and has fully been ground.
  • Grind the remaining urad dal, idli rice and oats. You may have to grind in 2 or 3 batches. Grind well and transfer the ground batter in the same big vessel. Stir it well and cover and set aside to ferment for a good 10 to 12 hours. Depending on the heat in your area reduce your fermenting time.


  • Once the batter has fermented, add salt to taste and now you can prepare dosa or idli.


  • For Idlis, grease an idli plate with til oil and pour batter to cover 3/4th portion of the idli plate.
  • If you are using a cooker to steam the idli, then no need to keep the whistle. Just add water in the cooker and place the idli stand and close the lid and steam for 10 to 15 mins on high. If you have a Idli steaming vessel, then just add water and place the idli stand and steam.  Once done, remove the idli plates from cooker/vessel and let it cool for 5 to 10 mins and with the help of a spoon remove the idlis.


  • You can even make dosa with this batter. The dosa comes out lovely, with great color and lovely texture. Its easy to roll them. Kids would love it as you can give it to them in restaurant style, as my son loves to have.
  • The idli and dosa go well with sambar, chutney and molagapodi.