My days are too busy if I want to think of it that way, no one would disagree too!! I have a 5.5 year old son and 23 month old daughter.

If I want to think how much work I have or how much running around I have to do… It will be even more tiring than it is actually. Rather I think of it as a fun thing to do.

Who in this world is so lucky to find somethings to do right out of your comfort zone, your home?? I can do what I like the most and still do all my duties as a mom and wife and look after my kids well.

For all the energy and to keep away tension and irritation, I follow a simple practise… I wake up one hour early than I am supposed to, enjoy my morning coffee. Take things slowly. Rushing in the morning makes me annoyed. I also plan some extra time, as my daughter is small and needs my attention.

As soon as my son leaves for school, I do yoga for thirty minutes. Plan what to cook, cut vegetables for lunch and start my work when my daughter is still asleep. Most of the days I am done with cooking when she is sleeping.

There are days when she doesnt sleep too!! Those days I play with her and be with her and when she is settled then i start my work. You don’t have to leave your work when kids are up, you just have to keep them busy and always keep an eye on them. With 2 kids, I guess I have mastered this art!!

I take orders for sweets and also supply tiffins to few people. There are busier days and then there are not so busy days. But whatever the day brings, I always plan it out. During the Diwali festival, there were sleepless days and nights. The days were filled with batches of chaklis, murukku and karanjis. I must thank my kids who understood my work and let me do it well. They inspire me to do well. Not even a single day did I order food or neglect any duties inspite of busy schedule.

Planning ahead and having a relaxed start to the day makes me happy and cheerful.