Cooking I believe shouldnt be done for the sake of cooking and feeding empty stomach. It should be enjoyed and then you can feel the magical taste it adds to the food…no matter what you make.

I had started cooking simple food when I was around 7 to 8 years of age. I was staying with mom, brother and moms parents at Jabalpur. One evening, mom n grandma were leaving.for shopping and mom said to me, “you make sabzi and keep.” she was joking, but i seriously made potato gravy sabzi.

Everyone enjoyed it so much. I remember, I used to climb on a stool to reach the kitchen platform. Thats how I began my journey as a cook. I made my share of goof ups too.

The first time I made a sambar, I used chana dal instead of toor dal. I added turmeric powder to upma the first time.

When I first tried making grandpa suggested soaking poha or aval overnight. I instead soaked for 2 hours and we all had to have poha soup. Poori looked like papad, when I experimented. My brother had actually asked me, is only pappad there for dinner?? Sheera looked like upma… And list goes on and on…

But with repeated attempts, I learned the process and measurements. And above all my moms patience and super guidance.. And my family, who never complained about the experiments…but always encouraged me to cook and praised my hardwork.

I wonder, if they had not encouraged me, may be I would have lost interest. My mom… I am so happy and lucky to have her. She never complained or scolded me for messing up the dishes or putting all the vessels in the kitchen to clean. She not once said anything when I made too many items. I guess all these things have increased my love for cooking.

I would dedicate all my achievements to her. Whatever I am is just because of her and my family. My grandpa used to say, the food cooked by kavi is so sweet. ….thank you for your patience.