Yes, its very much true. For the past two months i’ve busy managing my own tiffin service. I supply lunch and dinner.

At first it was a little odd for me and for my family to accept it. But now I feel good, when people appreciate the variety I offer, the quality of home made food…. I love what I am doing.

When I came with the idea of starting the tiffin service I got many feedbacks, some good and some not so encouraging.. But my parents felt its a good deed to supply food. My sister felt, I was doing a noble job. That was all I needed to hear… Soon i started supplying tiffins.

People often ask, how I manage cooking for so many people and take care of my two kids (4.5 and 1.4 years old) and also do all the other works at home without any help…. I say…. I am able to manage…my mom has trained me well and given me the will to go on.

Many people ask me why this work… I simply say, I love to cook… What better can I do… I can look after my kids, play with them as well as work… I am my own boss.