Who doesn’t like chocolates? Everyone from kids to grandparents love chocolates… This recipe was originally passed on from a distant relative…. I tried it and everyone loved it..


  1. Dark chocolate      1 pack
  2. Milk chocolate       2 packs
  • You may add roasted nuts or chocolate chip according to your preference.


  • Melt the dark and milk chocolate together in a bowl in a microwave. This should take about a minute or two.
  • Once it melts, take a chocolate mould and add the mixture to the mould and freeze it till its done. In a high temperature, the chocolate will set in by 30 minutes. You may remove the chocolates and store in a container. These chocolates should be stored in the refrigerator.




  • These homemade chocolates can be used as gifts too.
  • I found that when I added a few drops of milk to the melted chocolate, it settled. And I could spread it on a plate and cut pieces.