Dosa is one of my favourites. Everyone loves it and making it is very easy as well as tricky. Just follow some very simple tricks and you can have simply delicious dosas.


Idli rice 4 cups

Whole urid dal (black lentils) 1 cup

(Split urid dal can also be used)

Fenugreek seeds 1-1/2 tsp

Water (for grinding)

Salt to taste

Soak rice and dals seperately. Measure 4 cups of idli rice, pick and clean it and soak in water for 6-7 hours. Urid dal and fenugreek does not need to be soaked for such a long time, hence, soak for one hour prior grinding. Now, wash the urid dal and fenugreek once again and grind it into a fine, smooth paste. Add necessary water.

Transfer the batter into another vessel. Now, grind the rice into a smooth water using sufficient water. Mix the rice with the urid dal batter. mix them well and let them ferment for about 4 hours.

Take the neccessary batter for dosa and add salt to taste. Store the rest of the batter in the refrigerator.

Take a pan, let it heat, to get soft dosa and to avoid it getting stuck to the pan you can cut a piece of onion and rub it onto the pan before adding the batter to the pan and spreading it round. Cook both sides and remove it from the pan.

Alternately, you can mix 2 drops of til oil in some water and use this to greese the pan before preparing dosa.

Dosa tastes best with sambar, chutney and dosa chutney powder.