Paal Payasam is one of the basic sweet most South Indian families make during festivals or on other occasions. Its simple and easy to make. One can make this in a thick bottom vessel, I remember my mom used to make it in Urli. I make it in a cooker.


  1. Milk                                                                                                            1 litre
  2. Sugar                                                                                                           250 grams (if you prefer more sweet, you may add 3-4 tablespoons of sugar more.)
  3. raw rice (Preferably, Basmati)                                                                      1 handful

How to proceed

  • Firstly, clean the cooker well. Pick and clean the rice well and soak it for half and hour. Now add the milk and rice in the cooker or in another vessel that can be kept inside the cooker. close the cooker and when the steam comes, place the weight. Turn the gas off when one whistle comes.
  • Now, once you open the cooker, add the sugar and keep the gas on low flame. For those who are not making the payasam in the cooker, please use a thick bottom pan. Leave the payasam on the gas for 10-15 minutes, till the color changes to light pink. You can stir it occasionally to avoid the payasam getting burned and sticky at the bottom.
  • Turn of the gas. Enjoy your delicious pudding!!


  • A lemon size piece of homemade butter (Venai) washed well can be added to the payasam, so that there wont be any creamy layer in the payasam. This tip was given to me by my mother.
  • Before you use your cooker, clean it properly, if you add lemon in your cooker, while cooking dal or vegetables, its advisable you keep your milk in another small container within your cooker.